[2017] Jordan : The Land of Treasure and Lunarscape

I only knew about Petra and it’s Wonder but Jordan really surprised me as there’s actually so much more that it has to offer to the rest of the world. I spent a week in Jordan and I was overwhelmed by it’s beauty and people which is no wonder why it has become one of the most popular destination from people around the world.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should visit Jordan:

1. Petra
If it wasn’t for Petra, I wouldn't have been here and this country would have been way less heard of. The stunning remains of this ancient city built thousands of years ago hidden behind mountains are so much grander in real life than what you see in photos. Apart from the renowned Treasury and Monastery, I'm quite impressed with the path way call The Siq which kept me occupied for almost half a day. I was roaming its dusty tracks, and eventually entered a dark, narrow defile, opening at its end onto a strip of extraordinary classical architecture.

2. Wadi Rum
One day and One night I spent, I experienced the breath-taking views of the majestic deserts of the Wadi Rum by jeep tour and be blown away! I’ve always thought that deserts would be boring but Jordan proved me wrong.

3. Dead Sea
The experience of floating in the Dead Sea should be in everyone’s bucket lists and I definitely wouldn’t forget mine. Even though it was sooo cold at the moment i visited, I have to admit that it is one of the most stunning and serene landscapes that you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

4. Taste of Jordanian Cuisine
I am a Mediterranean food lover and I found that the Jordanian cuisine is truly amazing and one of the best things about the country is you can afford to eat in most of the restaurants even if you are a budget traveler. I could find 4 JoD kebab till 2x JoD per dish which was still worth to try for fresh seafood from Red Sea.

5. Its People
There may have been the annoying existence of tourist touts lingering around Petra but that has always been part of my travels around other countries anyway and tourism does that to people because of greed. But what surprised me were the other people, the real locals who don’t see us visitors as a source of money, the ones who offered us to join their breakfast with their family for no pay, the ones who made friends with us despite how hard it was to communicate, and the rest who were just simply nice, honest and welcoming. Being surrounded by good people makes one happy and that’s what I felt in Jordan.

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