The first time we heard of Nanlu Zheli was from internet. High up on its list of restaurants to hit was the original Julu Lu location of this chain. Recently, we visited its second outlet near the Bund and were happy that it was just as good as the first.

The Nanlu Zheli won the title of michilin 1 star in year 2018 as one of the best shanghai based restaurant near the Huang Pu river, ideally located at the most famous tourist attraction area—The Bund.

Eventualy, it took us at least 10 days to secure a table in a private room with minimum spending at 2,000 RMB, approximately 10,000 Baht.

The transition from the mundane lobby into this new Hangzhou and Shanghai cuisine restaurant, opened by a Zhejiang restauranteur, is a visual rush.

As we stepped into an unassuming building on Middle of Sichuan road, a warmly lit dining room with European furniture welcomed us back to the glorious days of Shanghai in the 1920s and ‘30s. It’s tastefully simple — a good match with the clean flavors of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

The interior is charismatic and charming, like a Nouveau European apartment, with marble inlaid wood floors, jacquard wallpaper, lush floral oil paintings, and vintage furniture set with candelabras, shaded lamps and pomegranates in delicate china bowls. There are cushy sofas, flowing curtains in doorways, and shelves backed with goldenrod-yellow paint and arrayed with vases and Buddha heads. It’s a pleasure just to look around at each object, and at the multiple fabrics and textures of each wall.

Signature dish – Fatty pork pyramid with plain buns

Their signature pork belly is the cleaner, more elegant cousin of pyramid shaped HongShao Rou (Sweet soy sauced pork). This towering stack of thinly sliced fatty meat nicely mixed together with the sauce.

Opium fish head

My favorite dish was Opium fish head, the unique flavor immediately exposed in the month while first bite, with very strong garlicly, buttery aroma melting on your tongue.

Below are the rest of our orders:

Braised Chicken with abalone in clay-pot  


Crystal shrimp with LongJin Tea leaf


Angus beef cube on spring beans


Deep fried pumpkin sliced in York paste


Stir fired asparagus with lily


Sweet and sour fish soup with bamboo shoots


Shanghainese pan-fried bun stuffed with minced pork 


Overall experience was super. We recommend who visiting Shanghai should not miss a try, it will definite be your life changing dinning experience. 

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